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Shares Contactless Digital Business Card instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print 1000s of cards.

Generate Leads

Generate leads for your business with just a tap!

Collect Payments

Display, sell products & collect payments for your online sales and stores


Positive Impact Guaranteed

You’ve given out many business cards over the years. How many have made impact and got the results you expected?

You have spent ages working on the design and spent money on design and print.

So… here’s the alternative. A digital profile that makes impact; can be updated very easily and is branded to your online presence, whatever that is at the moment.


About Us

smallbizmedia supports small businesses through the provision of cost effective methods of getting your business noticed and standing out from the crowd.

Whether you need a professional website or promotional videos or to be ranking higher in Google searches, we can assist.

Our digital business cards are another example of the use of technology to help you to stand out.

Whereas more than 80% of traditional business cards will end up in the bin our digital business cards will quickly ensure that your contacts are saved in your new contact’s device with just one tap! In addition they will never expire as we just keep updating the information on your digital file and your card is automatically updated with amended contact details or an updated profile.

By tapping your card against your contact’s phone your digital profile with all of your contact details can be saved to their device.

If your details change or you have updated your profile, this will be automatically updated in your contact’s device.

Your professional profile and contact details will never expire.


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